Народна банка на Република Северна Македонија
National Bank of the Republic of North Macedonia
Weighted interest rates on newly granted loans and newly received deposits, by months
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National Bank of the Republic of North Macedonia


(-) - Indicates that there is no interest rate for this indicator
1) Starting from January 2015, the data on Weighted Interest Rate on Banks and Saving Houses are compiled in accordance with a new methodology. The data between the two methodologies are not directly comparable. The main differences between the new and the old methodology are given below: 1) New reporting entities: besides banks, we now also collect information from the savings houses; 2) Improved data coverage: (i) interest rates’ data on loans approved to / deposits received for the institutional sector ''non-profit institutions serving households'' are now collected and included in the new data sets; (ii) data on financial leasing are also reported and included in the data for the financial instrument “loans”; 3) Methodological changes: (i) interest rates on sight deposits and overnight deposits are excluded from the calculation of the interest rate of total deposits and are still available within other data set; (ii) revolving loans are not included in the calculation of the interest rates of overdrafts and are still available within other data set.
2) Starting from December 2005 time seria data conserning interest rates on foreign currency loans and foreign currency deposits refer to EUR and USD, untill starting from January 2015 data refer to EUR, USD, CHF and other currencies .
3) The time series of data for the period from December 2005 onward has been revised for the purposes of applying a new methodology in accordance with the new IMF Monetary and Financial Statistics Manual and Compilation Guide, 2016.
4) In August 2020, the National Bank revoked the license for founding and operating of one bank. The interest rate data for July 2020 include the interest rate data for the previous month - June, for this bank.
5) As of August 2020, the reports no longer contain data on the bank against which bankruptcy proceedings have recently been opened.